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  1. Preface to the Text
  2. Introduction to the Text

1 Chapter One

  1. T-1.I, part 1, "Principles of Miracles"
  2. T-1.I, part 2, "Principles of Miracles"
  3. T-1.II, "Revelation, Time and Miracles"
  4. T-1.III, "Atonement and Miracles"
  5. T-1.IV & V, "The Escape from Darkness" & "Wholeness of Spirit"
  6. T-1.VI, "The Illusion of Needs"
  7. T-1.VII, "The Distortion of Miracle Impulses"

2 Chapter Two
  1. T-2.I, "The Origin of the Separation"
  2. T-2.II, "The Atonement as Defense"
  3. T-2.III, "The Altar of God"
  4. T-2.IV, "Healing as Release from Fear"
  5. T-2.V, "The Function of the Miracle Worker"
  6. T-2.VI, "Fear and Conflict"
  7. T-2.VII, "Cause and Effect"
  8. T-2.VIII, "The Meaning of the Last Judgment"

3 Chapter Three
  1. T-3.I, "Atonement Without Sacrifice"
  2. T-3.II, "Miracles as True Perception"
  3. T-3.III, "Perception versus Knowledge"
  4. T-3.IV, "Error and the Ego"
  5. T-3.V, "Beyond Perception"
  6. T-3.VI, "Judgment and the Authority Problem"
  7. T-3.VII, "Creating versus the Self-Image"
4 Chapter Four
  1. T-4.Int,1:1-6, "Right Teaching and Right Learning"
  2. T-4.I.7-13, "Right Teaching and Right Learning,"continued
  3. T-4.II, "The Ego and False Autonomy"
  4. T-4.III, "Love Without Conflict"
  5. T-4.IV, "This Need Not Be"
  6. T-4.V, "The Ego-Body Illusion"
  7. T-4.VI, "The Rewards of God"
  8. T-4.VII, "Creation and Communication"

5 Chapter Five
  1. T-5.Intro & I, "The Invitation to the Holy Spirit"
  2. T-5.II, "The Voice for God"
  3. T-5.III, "The Guide to Salvation"
  4. T-5.IV, "Teaching and Healing"
  5. T-5.V, "The Ego's Use of Guilt"
  6. T-5.VI, "Time and Eternity"
  7. T-5-VII, "The Decision for God"

6 Chapter Six
  1. Overview of Chapter 6(may be more meaningful if re-read after studying the whole chapter)
  1. T-6.Int, 6.Ia, "The Message of the Crucifixion"
  2. T-6.Int,6.Ia, "The Message of the Crucifixion", notes by Perry and Mackie
  3. T-6.Ib, "The Message of the Crucifixion,"continued
  4. T-6.Ib, "The Message of the Crucifixion,"continued, notes by Perry and Mackie
  5. T-6.II, "The Alternative to Projection"
  6. T-6.III & IV, "The Relinquishment of Attack", "The Only Answer"
  7. T-6.V(A), "To Have, Give All to All"
  8. T-6.V(B), "To Have Peace, Teach Peace to Learn It"
  9. T-6.V(C), "Be Vigilant Only for God and His Kingdom"
7 Chapter Seven
  1. T-7.I, "The Last Step"
  2. T-7.II, "The Law of the Kingdom"
  3. T-7.III, "The Reality of the Kingdom"
  4. T-7.IV, "Healing as the Recognition of Truth"
  5. T-7.V, "Healing and the Changelessness of Mind"
  6. T-7.VI, "From Vigilance to Peace"
  7. T-7.VII, "The Totality of the Kingdom"
  8. T-7.VIII, "The Unbelievable Belief"
  9. T-7.IX, "The Extension of the Kingdom"
  10. T-7.X, "The Confusion of Pain and Joy"
  11. T-7.XI, "The State of Grace"
8 Chapter Eight
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  1. T-8.I, "The Direction of the Curriculum"
  2. T-8.II, "The Difference Between Imprisonment and Freedom"
  3. T-8.III, "The Holy Encounter"
  4. T-8.IV, "The Gift of Freedom"
  5. T-8.V, "The Undivided Will of the Sonship"
  6. T-8.VI, "The Treasure of God"
  7. T-8.VII, "The Body as a Means of Communication"
  8. T-8.VIII, "The Body as Means or End"
  9. T-8.IX, "Healing as Corrected Perception"
9 Chapter Nine
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  1. T-9.I (1–7), "The Acceptance of Reality"
  2. T-9.I (8–14), "The Acceptance of Reality"
  3. T-9.II, "The Answer to Prayer"
  4. T-9.III, "The Correction of Error"
  5. T-9.IV, "The Holy Spirit's Plan of Forgiveness"
  6. T-9.V, "The Unhealed Healer"
  7. T-9.VI, "The Acceptance of Your Brother"
  8. T-9.VII, "The Two Evaluations"
  9. T-9.VIII, "Grandeur versus Grandiosity"
10 Chapter Ten
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  1. T-10.I, "At Home in God"
  2. T-10.II, "The Decision to Forget"
  3. T-10.III, "The God of Sickness"
  4. T-10.IV, "The End of Sickness"
  5. T-10.V.1–7, "The Denial of God"part 1
  6. T-10.V.8–14, "The Denial of God"part 2
11 Chapter Eleven
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  1. T-10.I, "The Gifts of Fatherhood"
  2. T-10.II, "The Invitation to Healing"
  3. T-11.III, "From Darkness to Light"
  4. T-11.IV, "The Inheritance of God's Son"
  5. T-11.V.1–9, "The 'Dynamics' of the Ego"part 1
  6. T-11.V.10–19, "The 'Dynamics' of the Ego"part 2
  7. T-11.VI, "Waking to Redemption"
  8. T-11.VII, "The Condition of Reality" and T-11.VIII:1–5, "The Problem and the Answer, Part 1"
  9. T-11.VIII:6–15, "The Problem and the Answer, Part 2"

12 Chapter Twelve
  1. T-12.I, "The Judgment of the Holy Spirit"
  2. T-12.II, "The Way to Remember God"
  3. T-12.III, "The Investment in Reality"
  4. T-12.IV, "Seeking and Finding"
  5. T-12.V, "The Sane Curriculum"
  6. T-12.VI. "The Vision of Christ"
  7. T-12.VII.1-7, "Looking Within, part 1"
  8. T-12.VII.8-15, "Looking Within, part 2"
  9. T-12.VIII, "The Attraction of Love for Love"

13 Chapter Thirteen
  1. T-13.Int, I:1-5, "Guiltlessness and Invulnerability", pp 1-4.
  2. T-13.I:5-12, "Guiltlessness and Invulnerability", pp 5-12.
  3. T-13.II, "The Guiltless Son of God"
  4. T-13.III, "The Fear of Redemption"
  5. T-13.IV, "The Function of Time"
  6. T-13.V, "The Two Emotions"
  7. T-13.VI, "Finding the Present" -- first half
  8. T-13.VI, "Finding the Present" -- second half
  9. T-13.VII.1-9, "Attainment of the Real World"-- first half
  10. T-13.VII.10-17, "Attainment of the Real World"-- second half
  11. T-13.VIII, "From Perception to Knowledge"
  12. T-13.IX, "The Cloud of Guilt"
  13. T-13.X.1-8, "Release from Guilt,"part 1
  14. T-13.X.9-14, "Release from Guilt" part 2
  15. T-13.XI, "The Peace of Heaven"

14 Chapter Fourteen
  1. T-14.In, I, "The Conditions of Learning"
  2. T-14.II, "The Happy Learner"
  3. T-14.III.1-8, "The Decision for Guiltlessness," Part 1
  4. T-14.III.9-19, "The Decision for Guiltlessness," Part 2
  5. T-14.IV, "Your Function in the Atonement"
  6. T-14.V, "The Circle of Atonement"
  7. T-14.VI, "The Light of Communication"
  8. T-14.VII, "Sharing Perception with the Holy Spirit"
  9. T-14.VIII, "The Holy Meeting Place"
  10. T-14.IX, "The Reflection of Holiness"
  11. T-14.X, "The Equality of Miracles"
  12. T-14.XI.1–7, "The Test of Truth, part 1"
  13. T-14.XI.8–15, "The Test of Truth, part 2"

15 Chapter Fifteen
  1. Introduction to the Holy Instant(getting ready for Chapter 15)
  2. T-15.I, "The Two Uses of Time"
  3. T-15.II, "The End of Doubt"
  4. T-15.III, "Littleness versus Magnitude"
  5. T-15.IV, "Practicing the Holy Instant"
  6. T-15.V, "The Holy Instant and Special Relationships"
  7. T-15.VI, "The Holy Instant and the Laws of God"
  8. T-15.VII, "The Needless Sacrifice"
  9. T-15.VIII, "The Only Real Relationship"
  10. T-15.IX, "The Holy Instant and the Attraction of God"
  11. T-15.X, "The Time of Rebirth"
  12. T-15.XI, "Christmas as the End of Sacrifice"

16 Chapter Sixteen
  1. T-16.I, "True Empathy"
  2. T-16.II, "The Power of Holiness"
  3. T-16.III, "The Reward of Teaching"
  4. T-16.IV, "The Illusion and the Reality of Love"
  5. T-16.V.1–8, "The Choice for Completion"
  6. T-16.V.9–17.9–17, "The Choice for Completion"
  7. T-16.VI, "The Bridge to the Real World"
  8. T-16.VII, "The End of Illusions"

17 Chapter Seventeen
  1. T-17.I, "Bringing Fantasy to Truth"
  2. T-17.II, "The Forgiven World"
  3. T-17.III, "Shadows of the Past"
  4. T-17.IV.1–9, "The Two Pictures, Part 1"
  5. T-17.IV.10–16, "The Two Pictures, Part 2"
  6. T-17.V.1–7, "The Healed Relationship", Part 1
  7. T-17.V.8–15, "The Healed Relationship", Part 2
  8. T-17.VI, "Setting the Goal"
  9. T-17.VII, "The Call for Faith"
  10. T-17.VIII, "The Conditions of Peace"

18 Chapter Eighteen
  1. T-18.I, "The Substitute Reality"
  2. T-18.II, "The Basis of the Dream"
  3. T-18.III, "Light in the Dream"
  4. T-18.IV, "The Little Willingness"
  5. T-18.V, "The Happy Dream"
  6. T-18.VI.1–7, "Beyond the Body (first half)"
  7. T-18.VI.8–14, "Beyond the Body (second half)"
  8. T-18.VII, "I Need Do Nothing"
  9. T-18.VIII, "The Little Garden"
  10. T-18.IX, "The Two Worlds"