Quotes about Christmas from A Course in Miracles


T-15.III.7. In this season (Christmas) which celebrates the birth of holiness into this world, join with me who decided for holiness for you. 2 It is our task together to restore the awareness of magnitude to the host whom God appointed for Himself. 3 It is beyond all your littleness to give the gift of God, but not beyond you. 4 For God would give Himself through you. 5 He reaches from you to everyone and beyond everyone to His Son's creations, but without leaving you. 6 Far beyond your little world but still in you, He extends forever. 7 Yet He brings all His extensions to you, as host to Him.

T-15.III.8. Is it a sacrifice to leave littleness behind, and wander not in vain? 2 It is not sacrifice to wake to glory. 3 But it is sacrifice to accept anything less than glory. 4 Learn that you must be worthy of the Prince of Peace, born in you in honor of Him Whose host you are. 5 You know not what love means because you have sought to purchase it with little gifts, thus valuing it too little to understand its magnitude. 6 Love is not little and love dwells in you, for you are host to Him. 7 Before the greatness that lives in you, your poor appreciation of yourself and all the little offerings you give slip into nothingness.


T-15.X.1. It is in your power, in time, to delay the perfect union of the Father and the Son. 2 For in this world, the attraction of guilt does stand between them. 3 Neither time nor season means anything in eternity. 4 But here it is the Holy Spirit's function to use them both, though not as the ego uses them. 5 This is the season when you would celebrate my birth into the world. 6 Yet you know not how to do it. 7 Let the Holy Spirit teach you, and let me celebrate your birth through Him. 8 The only gift I can accept of you is the gift I gave to you. 9 Release me as I choose your own release. 10 The time of Christ we celebrate together, for it has no meaning if we are apart.

2. The holy instant is truly the time of Christ. 2 For in this liberating instant no guilt is laid upon the Son of God, and his unlimited power is thus restored to him. 3 What other gift can you offer me, when only this I choose to offer you? 4 And to see me is to see me in everyone, and offer everyone the gift you offer me. 5 I am as incapable of receiving sacrifice as God is, and every sacrifice you ask of yourself you ask of me. 6 Learn now that sacrifice of any kind is nothing but a limitation imposed on giving. 7 And by this limitation you have limited acceptance of the gift I offer you.

3. We who are one cannot give separately. 2 When you are willing to accept our relationship as real, guilt will hold no attraction for you. 3 For in our union you will accept all of our brothers. 4 The gift of union is the only gift that I was born to give. 5 Give it to me, that you may have it. 6 The time of Christ is the time appointed for the gift of freedom, offered to everyone. 7 And by your acceptance of it, you offer it to everyone.

4. It is in your power to make this season holy, for it is in your power to make the time of Christ be now. 2 It is possible to do this all at once because there is but one shift in perception that is necessary, for you made but one mistake. 3 It seems like many, but it is all the same. 4 For though the ego takes many forms, it is always the same idea. 5 What is not love is always fear, and nothing else.


T-15.XI.2. The sign of Christmas is a star, a light in darkness. 2 See it not outside yourself, but shining in the Heaven within, and accept it as the sign the time of Christ has come. 3 He comes demanding nothing. 4 No sacrifice of any kind, of anyone, is asked by Him. 5 In His Presence the whole idea of sacrifice loses all meaning. 6 For He is Host to God. 7 And you need but invite Him in Who is there already, by recognizing that His Host is One, and no thought alien to His Oneness can abide with Him there. 8 Love must be total to give Him welcome, for the Presence of Holiness creates the holiness that surrounds it. 9 No fear can touch the Host Who cradles God in the time of Christ, for the Host is as holy as the perfect Innocence which He protects, and Whose power protects Him.

T-15.XI.3. This Christmas give the Holy Spirit everything that would hurt you. 2 Let yourself be healed completely that you may join with Him in healing, and let us celebrate our release together by releasing everyone with us. 3 Leave nothing behind, for release is total, and when you have accepted it with me you will give it with me. 4 All pain and sacrifice and littleness will disappear in our relationship, which is as innocent as our relationship with our Father, and as powerful. 5 Pain will be brought to us and disappear in our presence, and without pain there can be no sacrifice. 6 And without sacrifice there love must be.


T-15.XI.7. In the holy instant the condition of love is met, for minds are joined without the body's interference, and where there is communication there is peace. 2 The Prince of Peace was born to re-establish the condition of love by teaching that communication remains unbroken even if the body is destroyed, provided that you see not the body as the necessary means of communication. 3 And if you understand this lesson, you will realize that to sacrifice the body is to sacrifice nothing, and communication, which must be of the mind, cannot be sacrificed. 4 Where, then, is sacrifice? 5 The lesson I was born to teach, and still would teach to all my brothers, is that sacrifice is nowhere and love is everywhere. 6 For communication embraces everything, and in the peace it re-establishes, love comes of itself.

T-15.XI.8. Let no despair darken the joy of Christmas, for the time of Christ is meaningless apart from joy. 2 Let us join in celebrating peace by demanding no sacrifice of anyone, for so you offer me the love I offer you. 3 What can be more joyous than to perceive we are deprived of nothing? 4 Such is the message of the time of Christ, which I give you that you may give it and return it to the Father, Who gave it to me. 5 For in the time of Christ communication is restored, and He joins us in the celebration of His Son's creation.

T-15.XI.9. God offers thanks to the holy host who would receive Him, and lets Him enter and abide where He would be. 2 And by your welcome does He welcome you into Himself, for what is contained in you who welcome Him is returned to Him. 3 And we but celebrate His Wholeness as we welcome Him into ourselves. 4 Those who receive the Father are one with Him, being host to Him Who created them. 5 And by allowing Him to enter, the remembrance of the Father enters with Him, and with Him they remember the only relationship they ever had, and ever want to have.

T-15.XI.10. This is the time in which a new year will soon be born from the time of Christ. 2 I have perfect faith in you to do all that you would accomplish. 3 Nothing will be lacking, and you will make complete and not destroy. 4 Say, then, to your brother:

5 I give you to the Holy Spirit as part of myself. 6 I know that you will be released, unless I want to use you to imprison myself. 7 In the name of my freedom I choose your release, because I recognize that we will be released together.

8 So will the year begin in joy and freedom. 9 There is much to do, and we have been long delayed. 10 Accept the holy instant as this year is born, and take your place, so long left unfulfilled, in the Great Awakening. 11 Make this year different by making it all the same. 12 And let all your relationships be made holy for you. 13 This is our will. 14 Amen.


T-19.IV.c.10. What danger can assail the wholly innocent? 2 What can attack the guiltless? 3 What fear can enter and disturb the peace of sinlessness? 4 What has been given you, even in its infancy, is in full communication with God and you. 5 In its tiny hands it holds, in perfect safety, every miracle you will perform, held out to you. 6 The miracle of life is ageless, born in time but nourished in eternity. 7 Behold this infant, to whom you gave a resting place by your forgiveness of your brother, and see in it the Will of God. 8 Here is the babe of Bethlehem reborn. 9 And everyone who gives him shelter will follow him, not to the cross, but to the resurrection and the life.


T-22.I.6. Of all the messages you have received and failed to understand, this course alone is open to your understanding and can be understood. 2 This is your language. 3 You do not understand it yet only because your whole communication is like a baby's. 4 The sounds a baby makes and what he hears are highly unreliable, meaning different things to him at different times. 5 Neither the sounds he hears nor sights he sees are stable yet. 6 But what he hears and does not understand will be his native tongue, through which he will communicate with those around him, and they with him. 7 And the strange, shifting ones he sees about him will become to him his comforters, and he will recognize his home and see them there with him.

T-22.I.7. So in each holy relationship is the ability to communicate instead of separate reborn. 2 Yet a holy relationship, so recently reborn itself from an unholy relationship, and yet more ancient than the old illusion it has replaced, is like a baby now in its rebirth. 3 Still in this infant is your vision returned to you, and he will speak the language you can understand. 4 He is not nurtured by the "something else" you thought was you. 5 He was not given there, nor was received by anything except yourself. 6 For no two brothers can unite except through Christ, Whose vision sees them one.

T-22.I.8. Think what is given you, my holy brother. 2 This child will teach you what you do not understand, and make it plain. 3 For his will be no alien tongue. 4 He will need no interpreter to you, for it was you who taught him what he knows because you knew it. 5 He could not come to anyone but you, never to "something else." 6 Where Christ has entered no one is alone, for never could He find a home in separate ones. 7 Yet must He be reborn into His ancient home, so seeming new and yet as old as He, a tiny newcomer, dependent on the holiness of your relationship to let Him live.

T-22.I.9. Be certain God did not entrust His Son to the unworthy. 2 Nothing but what is part of Him is worthy of being joined. 3 Nor is it possible that anything not part of Him can join. 4 Communication must have been restored to those who join, for this they could not do through bodies. 5 What, then, has joined them? 6 Reason will tell you that they must have seen each other through a vision not of the body, and communicated in a language the body does not speak. 7 Nor could it be a fearful sight or sound that drew them gently into one. 8 Rather, in each the other saw a perfect shelter where his Self could be reborn in safety and in peace. 9 Such did his reason tell him; such he believed because it was the truth.


LESSON 182: I will be still an instant and go home.

1. This world you seem to live in is not home to you. 2 And somewhere in your mind you know that this is true. 3 A memory of home keeps haunting you, as if there were a place that called you to return, although you do not recognize the voice, nor what it is the voice reminds you of. 4 Yet still you feel an alien here, from somewhere all unknown. 5 Nothing so definite that you could say with certainty you are an exile here. 6 Just a persistent feeling, sometimes not more than a tiny throb, at other times hardly remembered, actively dismissed, but surely to return to mind again.

2. No one but knows whereof we speak. 2 Yet some try to put by their suffering in games they play to occupy their time, and keep their sadness from them. 3 Others will deny that they are sad, and do not recognize their tears at all. 4 Still others will maintain that what we speak of is illusion, not to be considered more than but a dream. 5 Yet who, in simple honesty, without defensiveness and self-deception, would deny he understands the words we speak?

3. We speak today for everyone who walks this world, for he is not at home. 2 He goes uncertainly about in endless search, seeking in darkness what he cannot find; not recognizing what it is he seeks. 3 A thousand homes he makes, yet none contents his restless mind. 4 He does not understand he builds in vain. 5 The home he seeks can not be made by him. 6 There is no substitute for Heaven. 7 All he ever made was hell.

4. Perhaps you think it is your childhood home that you would find again. 2 The childhood of your body, and its place of shelter, are a memory now so distorted that you merely hold a picture of a past that never happened. 3 Yet there is a Child in you Who seeks His Father's house, and knows that He is alien here. 4 This childhood is eternal, with an innocence that will endure forever. 5 Where this Child shall go is holy ground. 6 It is His Holiness that lights up Heaven, and that brings to earth the pure reflection of the light above, wherein are earth and Heaven joined as one.

5. It is this Child in you your Father knows as His Own Son. 2 It is this Child Who knows His Father. 3 He desires to go home so deeply, so unceasingly, His voice cries unto you to let Him rest a while. 4 He does not ask for more than just a few instants of respite; just an interval in which He can return to breathe again the holy air that fills His Father's house. 5 You are His home as well. 6 He will return. 7 But give Him just a little time to be Himself, within the peace that is His home, resting in silence and in peace and love.

6. This Child needs your protection. 2 He is far from home. 3 He is so little that He seems so easily shut out, His tiny voice so readily obscured, His call for help almost unheard amid the grating sounds and harsh and rasping noises of the world. 4 Yet does He know that in you still abides His sure protection. 5 You will fail Him not. 6 He will go home, and you along with Him.

7. This Child is your defenselessness; your strength. 2 He trusts in you. 3 He came because He knew you would not fail. 4 He whispers of His home unceasingly to you. 5 For He would bring you back with Him, that He Himself might stay, and not return again where He does not belong, and where He lives an outcast in a world of alien thoughts. 6 His patience has no limits. 7 He will wait until you hear His gentle Voice within you, calling you to let Him go in peace, along with you, to where He is at home and you with Him.

8. When you are still an instant, when the world recedes from you, when valueless ideas cease to have value in your restless mind, then will you hear His Voice. 2 So poignantly He calls to you that you will not resist Him longer. 3 In that instant He will take you to His home, and you will stay with Him in perfect stillness, silent and at peace, beyond all words, untouched by fear and doubt, sublimely certain that you are at home.

9. Rest with Him frequently today. 2 For He was willing to become a little Child that you might learn of Him how strong is he who comes without defenses, offering only love's messages to those who think he is their enemy. 3 He holds the might of Heaven in His hand and calls them friend, and gives His strength to them, that they may see He would be Friend to them. 4 He asks that they protect Him, for His home is far away, and He will not return to it alone.

10. Christ is reborn as but a little Child each time a wanderer would leave his home. 2 For he must learn that what he would protect is but this Child, Who comes defenseless and Who is protected by defenselessness. 3 Go home with Him from time to time today. 4 You are as much an alien here as He.

11. Take time today to lay aside your shield which profits nothing, and lay down the spear and sword you raised against an enemy without existence. 2 Christ has called you friend and brother. 3 He has even come to ask your help in letting Him go home today, completed and completely. 4 He has come as does a little child, who must beseech his father for protection and for love. 5 He rules the universe, and yet He asks unceasingly that you return with Him, and take illusions as your gods no more.

12. You have not lost your innocence. 2 It is for this you yearn. 3 This is your heart's desire. 4 This is the voice you hear, and this the call which cannot be denied. 5 The holy Child remains with you. 6 His home is yours. 7 Today He gives you His defenselessness, and you accept it in exchange for all the toys of battle you have made. 8 And now the way is open, and the journey has an end in sight at last. 9 Be still an instant and go home with Him, and be at peace a while.



The holy Christ is born in me today.

1. 1 Watch with me, angels, watch with me today. 2 Let all God's holy Thoughts surround me, and be still with me while Heaven's Son is born. 3 Let earthly sounds be quiet, and the sights to which I am accustomed disappear. 4 Let Christ be welcomed where He is at home. 5 And let Him hear the sounds He understands, and see but sights that show His Father's Love. 6 Let Him no longer be a stranger here, for He is born again in me today.

2. 1 Your Son is welcome, Father. 2 He has come to save me from the evil self I made. 3 He is the Self That You have given me. 4 He is but what I really am in truth. 5 He is the Son You love above all things. 6 He is my Self as You created me. 7 It is not Christ That can be crucified. 8 Safe in Your Arms let me receive Your Son.